Sometimes, resin driveways huddersfield need to be repaired or ‘spruced up’, but they
don’t necessarily need to be fully replaced. In this case, it benefits the home or
business owner to choose driveway resurfacing, which improves strength and
stability without fully replacing existing material. It is improves the function and
lifespan of a driveway without the associated costs or labor efforts of replacement
or repaving. Our paving contractors offer a wide range of driveway resurfacing
services that can fit any project’s needs or budget.

Resurfacing your driveway, road, or parking lot can be accomplished two main
ways; sealcoating and tarmac application. Sealcoating is accomplished by having a
thin layer of a black, sticky sealant applied to the existing tarmac. The sealant
simply fills in the smaller cracks and darkens the color of the tarmac. It is rarely
effective on driveways that have sustained large scale damage or have serious
weather concerns.

Reapplication is better for driveways that have sustained damage, or those that
have weather concerns. A thin layer of tarmac is applied to the top of the existing
driveway, and large cracks are entirely filled with either resin or gravel. This is
more expensive and more difficult than sealcoating, but is longer lasting.
Driveway Resurfacing is a Great Option for Many Homes and Businesses
Reasons for resealing and resurfacing instead of repaving a driveway or parking
area vary. For many, the expense of totally repaving a driveway is too great and
does not entirely reflect their needs. Driveway resurfacing is generally much less
expensive than a full repaving job. Others may choose to resurface due to damage
that has occurred to an otherwise strong driveway.

Driveways, especially in the North, can become damaged without compromising the
entire structure of the surface due to the harsh weather conditions. Resealing can
also serve as a way of preemptive weatherizing measure for these Northern area
driveways. Still more choose to re-seal their driveways or other surfaces due to the
life-extending properties it can offer. An already strong driveway can last three to
five years longer with regular resurfacing and resealing.

If you are in the market for a great contractor who can assess whether a
resurfacing is right for your driveway or parking lot, look no further than The
Driveway Company in London. Experienced and highly devoted to each individual
client, our contractors will be able to explain the available options for and prescribe
the best course of action. For the best in results from your driveway resurfacing
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